About the ISupply Directory

The ISupply Directory connects sustainable suppliers with projects and assets undertaking the ISCA Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme. Since 2012, over $160b worth of infrastructure projects and assets are in engaged in the IS rating scheme. The ISupply Directory provides a unique opportunity for suppliers to market their products and services to projects that have requirements through the IS rating, and for IS rating partners to identify suppliers that will help them achieve sustainability outcomes rewarded under the scheme.
To find out how you can market your product or service on the ISupply Directory, please visit our website, send us an email at membership@isca.org.au or call on 02 9252 9733.

The information contained in the ISupply directory has been compiled in good faith, exercising all due care and attention. No representation is made about the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the product, service or information. ISCA shall not be liable for any damage which may occur to any person or organisation taking action or not on the basis of the information supplied in the ISupply directory. Readers should seek appropriate advice when applying the information to their specific needs.