3-in-1 Life Cycle Design and Life Cycle Assessment for Materials, Energy and Water credits

3-in-1 Life Cycle Design and Life Cycle Assessment for Materials, Energy and Water credits

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eTool is a software and engineering company that optimises sustainable design for the built environment with a software eToolLCD that uses a scientifically rigorous methodology – life cycle assessment (LCA). We are specialised in Life Cycle Design and can also provide our in-house developed software eToolLCD for those interested in conducting LCA internally.
eTool’s expertise and solutions may help you achieve multiple IS credits and drive your entire project towards a better environmental and financial performance.

Sustainability Outcomes

Life Cycle Design & Assessment is a powerful methodology to quantify the sustainability of your project according to applicable standards and IS rating requirements and ensure genuine performance over the asset life. Design scenarios and improvement strategies are quantified and prioritized to help inform the decision-making process.
Integrated design using Life Cycle Assessment will allow you to model the impacts related to materials, energy and water in one design and support your submission for multiple IS credits. Furthermore, LCA will help to identify project hot spots in different areas (materials, energy and water) and understand how they relate to each other.

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