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Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Design


  • Product Type Consultancy, Environmental / Sustainability Labelling, Environmental Management Services, Life Cycle Assessment & EPD Development


Applicable Credits

IS v2.0 Ecn-4
IS v1.2 Man-6 , Man-7


eTool is a software and engineering company that optimises sustainable design for the built environment with the software eToolLCD that uses a scientifically rigorous methodology – life cycle assessment. Integrated design combining Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing will guarantee higher environmental gain at a lowest possible cost.
eTool’s expertise and solutions will help you produce supporting documentation for multiple IS credits and also drive your entire project towards a better environmental and financial performance.

Sustainability Outcomes

Evaluate project initiatives life cycle cost to understand capital, operational, maintenance and replacement costs throughout the whole asset life.
Following applicable standards and IS requirements, eTool Life Cycle Costing is integrated with the energy, water and material´s evaluation to support each “Green per Dollar” decision and to help to choose the optimal design strategy.

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