matX – Goods and Materials exchange

matX – Goods and Materials exchange

Circular Economy, Waste Management and Recycling
ANZ Wide

Inn-1, Rso-1, Rso-4, Rso-6
As Built, Design
Inn-1, Mat-1, Pro-1, Was-1, Was-2
As Built, Design, Operations


matX may help the construction and demolition sector to:

* salvage value from stockpiled or surplus material
* extract or deconstruct assets for reuse instead of waste
* succession plan for temporary works resources
* procure cheaper material
* evidence sustainability targets and demonstrate compliance
* further improve and innovate
* save time and effort, and
* support project team collaboration.

matX is an innovative platform based on circular economy principles. matX helps businesses focus higher up the waste hierarchy and keep resources in use and at their highest value. Users get greater visibility, save costs and effort, and maximise their sustainable outcomes.

matX is disruptive technology. The functionality of a traditional e-commerce platform has been decoupled and more functionality added. This was done to specifically address the all the barriers stopping higher value resource use. The platform was made flexible so it could evolve with sector mobility and government requirements, including the need for near real time data and insights. Then it was put all back together in a way that would be accessible and so user friendly it takes less than 10 minutes to learn how to use.

Launched late 2019, matX is a minimum viable product.

matX is being used in Victoria by Level Crossing Removal Project's South Eastern and Western Program Alliances.

Sustainability Outcomes

matX’s purpose is to support industry in the optimisation of resources we already have and reducing in waste. For these reasons matX may be helpful in achieving and evidencing L1’s associated with ISv1.2 Mat-1, Was-1 and Was-2, ISv2.0 Rso-1 and Rso-4.

matX supports resource reuse through making reuse opportunities visible across industry. matX also supports succession planning for resources, for example temporary works resources could be listed on matX by the procurement team at the time of purchase. For these reasons matX may help your project or asset achieve L1 in ISv1.2 Pro-1, ISv2.0 Rso-1, Rso-4.

Through ensuring resource reuse is prioritised on site, matX may support L2 in ISv2.0 Rso-1, Rso-4 and Rso-6.

matX is innovation, developed for the Construction and Demolition industry and may support points in ISv1.2 & ISv2.0 Inn-1.

matX is evolving and we look forward to working together to best support the C&D industry needs.

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