SiteHive Hexanode

SiteHive Hexanode

Environmental Management, Monitoring Systems, Noise control
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SiteHive transforms how people manage environmental compliance. It harnesses modern technology to deliver real-time and proactive environmental management that’s not only easy, but provides dramatic time and cost savings.

The SiteHive Hexanode is a multi-sensor monitoring device that delivers live, continuous information on environmental aspects. It provides real-time data on noise and dust, as well as rich contextual information including directional sound maps, images, sound recordings and weather.

Designed specifically for construction, the SiteHive Hexanode is small, lightweight and robust. It is fully automated and can be deployed easily and quickly, with a fast “set and forget” process that immediately delivers live data 24/7.

With SiteHive the time spent collecting, managing and understanding data is dramatically reduced. The SiteHive Hexanode includes innovative features that make it easy to see exactly what’s happening onsite. Directional noise monitoring identifies the sources of noise; cameras capture images of the causes of events; and microphones record corresponding sounds.

Displayed live within SiteHive software as easy-to-understand graphs, pictures and sound maps, these features allow issues to be identified and resolved immediately. With SiteHive, environmental management becomes proactive, easier and low cost.

Sustainability Outcomes

SiteHive environmental monitoring and management delivers a step-change in how people work. It automates environmental data management, event investigation and reporting, to provide major efficiencies across all processes.

SiteHive gives people the confidence to make informed decisions, based on real data from site. Events can be investigated and addressed as they happen, allowing environmental compliance to move from reactive measurement to proactive management.

SiteHive delivers the information people need to keep teams safe, prevent stop works, build client and community trust, and manage environmental impact.

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