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HUESKER Australia provides the Australasian region direct access to 160 years of proven geosynthetics engineering, development, manufacturing, supply and installation experience. HUESKER is the only manufacturer from which woven and knitted geosynthetic reinforcement materials can be obtained directly in the Australasian region. Our highly dedicated local team refines 160 years of real-world global geosynthetics experience and apply it to local conditions, with millions of square meters of high quality materials applied across the Australasian region successfully.

HUESKER Australia engineers project-specific solutions for our Mining, Roads & Pavements, Environmental and Hydraulic engineering applications. Incorporating global market-leading brands such as MineGrid™, Hatelit C™, Tektoseal™ and SoilTain™ providing our clients technically and commercially appropriate outcomes, consistently.

HUESKER is aware of its social and ecological responsibility. Sustainable development is generally understood as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The preservation of nature's ability to regenerate and the creation of a balance between mankind and the ecosystem are a priority.

The resources of our earth are not endless. With the ecoLine, we are the first and currently the only geosynthetic manufacturer, worldwide, that offers you high-quality geogrid solutions made of recycled PET material. With these products we are making our contribution for even more sustainable infrastructure development with geotextiles, along with a better recycling economy.

Our Hatelit C eco, listed on iSupply and IS rated, is the only asphalt reinforcement geogrid which is manufactured from 100% recycled PET raw materials.

Julie Fooks
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ISupply Listings

Fortrac T eco

The flexible, high-strength Fortrac geogrid boasts a 20-year-plus track record in soil reinforcement applications. The geogrids are made from high-modulus, low-creep synthetic materials enclosed in ...

Credits: Con-2, Ene-1, Ene-1, Mat-1, Rso-6, Urb-1

HaTelit C40/17

The flexible mesh for effective and durable reinforcement of asphalt layers HaTelit C 40/17 is a reinforcement mesh made of high-modulus polyester yarns combined with ...

Credits: Con-2, , Ene-1, Ene-1, Inn-1, Inn-1, Mat-1, Pro-2, Rso-4, Rso-6, Urb-1, Was-2, Was-3

HaTelit C40/17 eco

HaTelit has been successfully applied into asphalt reinforcement applications since 1971. The HaTelit C 40/17 eco reinforcement grid consists of high modulus polyester yarns made ...

Credits: Con-2, , Ene-1, Ene-1, Inn-1, Inn-1, Mat-1, Pro-2, Rso-4, Rso-6, Urb-1, Was-2, Was-3

HaTelit XP

HaTelit XP is made from the raw material polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and thus offers you special properties. PVA raw material allows for use in high ...

Credits: Con-2, , Ene-1, Ene-1, Inn-1, Inn-1, Mat-1, Pro-2, Rso-4, Rso-6, Urb-1, Was-2, Was-3

SamiGrid XP 50

SamiGrid is a composite product consisting of an asphalt reinforcement grid made from high-modulus polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibres in combination with a nonwoven fabric. Saturation ...

Credits: Con-2, Ene-1, Ene-1, Gre-1, Ic-4, Ic-8, Mat-1, Rso-4, Rso-5, Rso-6, Was-2, Was-3

Tektoseal Active

Tektoseal Active is a highly innovative product concept that sets new benchmarks in eco-efficient construction and environmental measures for groundwater protection and contaminated site remediation. ...

Credits: Con-2, Dis-1, Eco-1, Eco-1, Ene-1, Ene-1, Gre-1, Ic-4, Ic-8, Lan-3, Rso-2, Rso-3, Urb-1

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